So hey!

Seems like its been years (which it has been but it feels like effing 10 years, yeah, I don’t know what I’m talking about) since I even came to this place. And there’s blogs I used to visit before which were like always FILLED with over-flowing posts and now!

Let’s be honest, we thought we were gonna stick together on DD forever (or till you-know-when) but just a tiny thing as moderating of comments tore the community apart.

Now I laugh at myself like “what was I THINKING?!”

Though, I’m not done with the books. Whenever I read a Dork Diaries book, I’m always reminded of the DD community and to be honest, I’m really thankful for you guys making those 2 years on DD a memorable time.

One more thing I wanna say is, to those who don’t post on their blogs any more, you don’t have to post daily or weekly, just once a month so that we can really stay connected in a way which is not just DD.

So yeah, this post was just to give the impression that I ain’t goin’ nowhere.

I mean c’mon who LEAVES the INTERNET? Are we cavemen or something?!


Thanks for making my time on DD memorable!
Thanks for making my time on DD memorable!




Wassup guys?! I’ve got a lot to talk about and I had no title to give to this posts because I’m gonna mention some random topics, from my school life to your opinion.

First thing’s first (i’m the realest! i feel like singing :mrgreen: ), *drum roll* MY FINALS ARE GONNA START!! Yeah, I’m going crazy, because there’s a lot of pressure on us kids from the math teacher’s side. We’ve got 8 HUGE chapters, just thinking about that gives me a headache and for the first time our math portion is over a week before the exams.

Anyways, my finals start on 26th Feb, which is 3 days early. It was supposed to start on March 1st, so now people are freaking out even MORE!! ❗

The only bright side here is, my class party is on Sunday 22nd Feb YET that’s the WORST day for a class party EVER! Why?

1.Its before exams, so we party, then we freak out. Its all wrong, it should’ve been after the exams. THEN again, there’s rules -_- …

1. No electronics, just one camera in every section on 7th grade.

2. No fancy wear, just uniform.

3. No clapping, shouting, music, dance.

4. (Worst rule) Party after break. That means the first 4 classes go while studying.

Question: Do you see any ‘class party’ in this?! The new management in our school hasn’t got a thing called ‘common sense’.

Everyone in class was just like 😡 ❓ ❗ 😥 👿

Now, to my blog. Since, I don’t post much and you guys don’t like it (if I was you, I’d hate myself), I think I should, you know, delete this blog. I’m confused. :/

1. I don’t post much so I think I should delete this blog.

2. I’ll miss it so I think I shouldn’t.

So, you guys decide, majority wins and no worries, I’m open to criticism, no-no or whatever kind of comments, it you who’ll decide.

And that’s it for this post, hope to see your comments on this topic soon, until next time, bye! 😀


Awesome post to encourage kids getting bullied. Thanks Lizzie! 🙂

Sky of Stars

(From the back of my planner!)

>>> I will:

Speak out
against bullying

Report bullying
when I see it happen

Learn what is
and what is not bullying

Make other feel
included and valued

Solve problems
in peaceful ways

Think before I comment on,
post, or forward messages

>>> I know…

I don’t deserve to be bullied.

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This is THE best post ever! Thanks for sharing Yuki! The whole world gotta read this! 😉



Some stuff was taken from my post ‘Some people are only on this planet to ruin people’s days’

Hey there! So you wanna be a kool kat? Well follow this post!

#1: You are amazing just the way you are, so love yourself.

Are you depressed and want to suicide? Bullies telling you that your ugly? Or just feeling down? Don’t kill yourself, don’t believe them. Why? Because you are the beautiful, talented, unique, wonderful, amazing, you. you are wonderful just the way you are. Don’t let a bully tell you different, or to change. Don’t be depressed because you are you. You are you. You are beautiful, talented, unique, and you are.. you. We’re all wonderful just the way we…

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A ranking for you guys!

Thanks Bloggish! A really cool post! 🙂


Now, to kick off 2015, I’ll do what you call a ranking. I made headers for all of you, even if you scored 10. Note, this is for my followers only. So, I’ll start with 10 and end with 1. Don’t worry, you’re still awesome! Even if you got a 10. So, just save your header. All the other ones will be put up for display. So, let’s get this ranking started!

10th- Themagicalbutterflyemily-mabye you should post on your blog once in a while. Here’s your header:

9th-Sidra-You’re nice and all, but you really should post more often. Here’s your header:

8th-Skylieann-I haven’t really looked at your blog, but I really appreciate it that you’re on chatzy with me. 🙂 Here’s your header:

7th-Amy621-I’ve seen your blog and…I’m not really into that sorta thing. 😦 But, you’re still nice and funny. 🙂 Here’s your header:

6th-Aubree-I love your blog!…

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What’s up guys?! Happy New Year!! 🙂 I know I’m wishing late but I was way too busy enjoying New Year holidays. By the way, school just started yesterday and believe it or not, the teacher made us do ‘poster making’ on the first day of school on the topic ‘Donate Blood’ and I was like, “just great! the last thing I’m gonna do on this poster is make the borders with my OWN blood! What would you all do in such a situation?

ANYWAYS, This week was just SO cool!

First we went to Global Village, our parents surprised us by taking us there because we haven’t been there for like 4 years. This place where there are stalls, call it, tiny ‘villages’ from around the world, a really big exhibition. There’s every country Like Africa, UK, Thailand etc. etc. A really good tourist attraction in Dubai, so when you visit Dubai check this place out! 🙂 . Sadly it opens for only 3 months a year, so you gotta check the month in which you come (only if you want to see it)! 😦 Here are some pictures, which are not mine, got it online.

gvc  This is the China gate.gvy   This is the Yemen gate.

Then on New Year’s eve we just watched the fireworks on Burj Khalifa from our building because we knew there would be a lot, and by lot I mean MILLIONS of tourists and residents waiting for the clock to strike 12.

The next day, EARLY morning we went to Al Ain, a small city in Abu Dhabi WHICH is the capital of the UAE. There we went to the famous Al Ain Zoo and then to Jebel Hafeeth a mountain there, its a mountainous place alright. Then we went to visit….. my grandpa’s, cousin’s, daughter’s, son. I know long relation! XD

And then … I went to school, the next day!

Well, I’ve done more things but I can’t remember so yeah :mrgreen: … how was YOUR winter vacation/ new year beginning? 🙂

By the way, what are your new year resolutions? Mine are, more of goals though, to convince my parents to change my school and curriculum! I DO NOT want to study Indian because I’m not going to live there FOREVER as they want me to!!! :angry:

And to post more often on my Wattpad and my blog! 🙂

Anyways, have a great week! 🙂



Hello everyone after 2 months! Sorry for making you wait for  2 months to get a post from me, mostly I’m sorry to Lizzie ( 😛 you know why).

Should I explain why did I go? Well, long story cut short, there are two main reasons:

1. I was turning into a couch potato ( *gulps* ) by browsing full day.

2. I had school, events and sports day.

So yeah, that’s why but it was all worth it! Well, at least it was worth it for me, I kept YOU guys in waiting. 😦

Worth it in the way that Sports Day turned out more outstanding than I thought! 🙂

Our school won the football tournament, 3-0, serious! We all had a party to celebrate our victory.

Then, a week ago my cousins from Australia paid us a visit, they were on a transit. These were the other cousins whom I’ve met literally after 10 years, big deal. They’ve given me my favourite chocolates as a gift, a GREATER deal! 😉

And since its winter here, I’m apparently a frozen human. Whenever I get up at 6 am in the morning its freezing cold even though the doors are SEALED lock; And its my habit of splashing water on my face ( I try to copy the models in the magazine who splash water on their faces in a ‘fancy‘ way, I just feel so tempted to try that! ), even my clothes get wet and the water is practically ice cold as well.

So let me get this straight:

1. Cold mornings

2. Cold water

3. Cold, wet clothes

4. Dad opens the balcony glass door, to get some ‘fresh’ air

5. Uniform out in the balcony so I got to go out there and get my uniform while trying not to be blown away by the forceful wind.

So, yeah its everything I got to say. How’s your life going? 😀



This question was asked anonymously:

“So, I feel like no one in my family appreciates me. I know I get lazy from time to time, but they always use it against me. It’s a pain because I always want to try my best, but how can I when everyone is so doubtful of me?”

My Advice:

First of all, so sorry for the late post. I’ve been busy, being bored to be honest! 😛

So, back on the topic,  maybe your family is upset about something you did or said, probably the laziness that you’re talking about.

I remember when my mom used to get on my back about how ‘unproductive and not social’ I was being and when I got ENOUGH of that I started participating in competitions, extra-curriculars, getting trophies and medals and that’s how my family is pleased with me.

You want them to appreciate you, you need to do something new, creative, unique and totally useful for your family to stop taunting you about being lazy. A way to show them that you’re NOT lazy is by helping them in doing some stuff like helping your mom with some grocery stuff, helping siblings with homework etc; I know the other one is more harder than blowing a bubble with raisins (impossible right? XD well, at least that’s how I feel about this situation 😛 ) but what choice?

The other situation, yes yet another, maybe, you’re already into a lot of sports, activities and still your family isn’t pleased, then its a lot harder to handle. Basically, what I do in problems like this is shout the heads out of my siblings but please don’t go for that, you don’t want more trouble, do you? (I know you won’t, just messing 😉 )

If that happened or happens, then just ask them casually, a-good-daughter-type person. “You guys are being very disappointed with me, what is the reason and what should I do to get your attitude normal with me again?”.  If its you, just tell them sorry for that and promise (and carry it out as well 😛 ) to never repeat it.

And if you want that promise to not be broken, get rid of the evil thing laziness! Which is a bit hard to get rid of but here are some tips to get going active:

1. Exercise. Just get FED UP of laziness and GIVE a run for it!

2. Allow yourself to get relaxed and do things you enjoy, that basically goes in the direction of laziness but in your spare time do some odd yet creative jobs.

3. Get some sleep, I said some, to get over your laziness and be fresh, this works more often.

Now that you’ve lost your laziness, you can do that ‘try my best’ part more productively and keep your family pleased!!

Hope this advice helped, post your advice here as well!! 😉






HUGE NEWS GUYS!! NOW THIS WILL REALLY MAKE SURE THAT NIKKI ACTUALLY DISABLED THE COMMENTS. I WAS READING THE NEW DD POST AND ON THE LAST PARA OF THE POST IT WAS WRTTEN ‘I love my Aunt Mabel, but I can’t take much more of this! What should I do? Please e-mail me your solutions at AskNikki@DorkDiaries.com. Title your e-mail, “Aunt Mabel.” I’ll select the top six responses and post them here!’ . SO NOW NIKKI WOULD ONLY POST SIX ADVICES ON POSTS AS COMMENTS!! THE COMMENTS SECTION WON’T COME BACK ON!! :

Hi guys! Do any of you remember what is it today? 30th September! ❗

The new Dork Diaries book comes out and today is (well was because its been 12 years XD ) MY BIRTHDAY!!

I’m angry at all of you for not wishing me ( XD now that is something funny i’ve had since morning, I am not angry).

Today, at school I handed out chocolates to my buddies (that basically means classmaties :mrgreen: ) but I didn’t wear any dress from home, just the regular old fungii colour uniform 🙄 .

I told my mom to buy me a Dork Diaries book today yesterday as a ‘surprise’ (how the huh can that be a surprise when I already know what it’s gonna be?! XD ). My mom was okay with it but my dad restricted. I saw a book at the mall which I wanted and my dad was like “No! Buy some good books that actually give you knowledge.” To be honest, I wanted to cry on the spot since I’m very sensitive in the books side, but I also am an expert at controling my tears! 🙄 😎

The good news is, I got my diary today! IN THE SECOND TERM, A HALF YEAR GONE BY! I didn’t get it early in first place is because you guys know, I went for a wedding and blah blah stuff?

Anyways, today I kept it on the ground floor while playing throwball with my friends. Then came back to class when the bell rang and my head rang after that as well, I ran down to get my diary. Our P.E. had taken our computer class for hers since she had to select studens for the sports day and what do you know, she saw me and was like, “Sidra! Come on here. I’ve also selected you for Long Jump and the Race. Good luck!”. OH GREAT! Now I have  alot of things to practice for, but on the bring side my trophy cupboard has got FILLED!! YAY!! 😀




Hi guys! There’s a serious problem going on in Dork Diaries and you all, already, probably know. But that’s not it, because it’s being going on for many days, can’t call it a glitch.

Is is just us or Ms. Rachel doesn’t wants us to comment?

Either, Ms. Rachel doesn’t wants us to comment, because of the spamming I guess or because someone hacked the site. There’s a 10% chance for the second option.

You know, its really bad for the people who’re not allowed on chatzy and don’t go there or on wattpad, Dork Diaries is the main source for us to be in touch, we would never be able to talk to them.

There’s a petition going on, started by Chelsea and Bridget, be sure to sign up. We need the maximum number of people to participate, actually we need everybody.

Send an eMail to Ms. Rachel and tell her about this problem or if it’s a glitch.

Here’s a quick link to her eMail address (its not a link!) RachelRussell@DorkDiaries.com , I’ve already sent a complaint.

This is an idea of Amy621. She suggests that we tell our parents to spread news about this on social media or we can do it ourselves with our Facebook, Twitter or Tumblr accounts. This is worth a try! 🙂


Forward this message to everyone from Dork Diaries and tell them to do the same.  ❗ ❗ ❗ Lets hope this was only a glitch and would get back to normal. 🙂